The annexes we offer are an extension of your home. Whether you want a full view of your garden or something with a little more privacy, the team at Positive Space Design and Build Ltd helps you to achieve your dream garden office. Browse through our product range to see what we’re able to offer you.

Annex Renovations

Our expert team is also able to carry out house renovations for your annex. This is where we take everything out and redesign everything to your specifications. We offer the structure, timber, and block work, and there is a range of roofing options to choose from. This includes solar panels, combined with tiles, slate, or rubber roofing. There are also lots of cladding options to choose from.

Eco-friendly and urban options are also available upon request.

Complete Quotations

All customers are provided with a complete quotation before work begins. This allows you to have all of the information on your project before making a final decision.

To learn more about our annexes and garden offices, contact us, in London.